Intermediate Championship Fixtures and Times

The Championship draw for the Intermediate was conducted this past Monday evening at a Toronto board meeting.

The Intermediate championship will have 2 groups – and St Vincent’s are in Group A

Group A – Brampton Roger Casements, St. Vincent’s, Durham Robert Emmets

Schedule of Games:
July 24th – Brampton Roger Casements vs St. Vincents
Time: 1:30pm, Field D (Big Field)

August 14th – St. Vincent’s vs Durham Robert Emmets
Time: 1:30pm, Field D

August 21st – Semi-Finals
1:30pm Field C – Winners of Group A vs Group B Runners Up
3:00pm Field C – Winners of Group B vs Group A Runners Up

August 28th – Intermediate Final
Time: 1:30pm, Field D